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Seems To Be Normal

by Watch Clark

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boweverdown13 This album is mind blowing. I can't keep my body from moving and I can't keep my soul from flying. Lyrics.. vocals.. music... outstanding. Favorite Track is Beautiful Assassin
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k*ss*n Every Watch Clark album gets better and better. Super catchy dark synthpop! Favorite track: Same.
Same 04:04
It’s the same song It’s the same beat It’s the same way to Make you move your feet It’s the same problems Making the same war What the hell are we even doing Anymore It’s the same fight It’s the same lies It’s the same old outcome I see it in your eyes It’s the same culprits It’s all the same you see It’s the same greedy people All throughout history Aren’t we tired of it being the same? When everyone knows that we’re the ones to blame Must we do all of this again? Expecting something different Must mean that we’re all insane It’s the same song It’s the same beat It’s the same way to Make you move your feet It’s the same trap It’s the same ploy We complain but we Secretly enjoy Why do we follow the same old patterns? This routine is our curse Or are we just terrified That something different may just turn out worse
Angle 03:21
You liked to watch But I learned to see A version of myself unmarred By insecurity She liked to ride I learned to find A version of myself as seen Through someone else’s eyes I saw myself From a different angle And thanks to both of you I can at last be free I saw myself From a different angle Transformed into the person That I’m supposed to be That photograph Confused my mind Until it snapped into sharp focus And rearranged in kind I understand At last I see The qualities and perspective That draw women to me
What Love 04:44
The quickening of breath The pounding of my heart The pain within my chest Any time that we spend apart The longing for your touch The feeling of your kiss Every single thing about you Is everything I miss This is what love looks like This is what love sounds like This is what love feels like What love What love What love The look that’s in your eyes The parting of your lips My hand upon your thighs The rocking of your hips We’re moving to make time stand still Our bodies become one The bind that spawns from your embrace Can never be undone
My love language’s sabotage I ruin everything I touch My histrionic personality Always is a bit too much Fall in love way too hard and fast Just can’t help the way I feel Then I throw it all away Just as it starts to get real My love language: Sabotage A flaw I cannot camouflage For my whole entourage Always a brief mirage My love language: Sabotage My love language’s sabotage I cannot seem to get this right Some flaw deep within who I am Always suffering the same plight I wish I could hold it together Instead of breaking apart I’m not sure how much more I can take ‘Till it destroys my heart
Monolith 03:48
Pillars of light grounding the receptors A knowing, a high, reality untethers Noise it subsides, activate remember The world revised, racing thoughts surrender I feel this this lightness this being this oneness Understanding beyond your ships Your hieroglyphs your obelisk Witness A universal shift Energy emits Words transmit Adore your monolith Mirrors they cast, collectively releasing density Retracts and I feel you near me program elapsed I just crave the meaning watch it collapse Desire to go deeply Cast your energy down on me
Watercolor 04:05
Like a stray drop upon some parchment You fell into my life And from our first conversation I fell so hard into your deep and many eyes Those were such soft kisses There was a sure closeness We shared such dark secrets As we made Watercolor Painted by the tears streaming down our face Watercolor We’re the broken parts of the human race Watercolor Every stroke you make reveals something true Watercolor I wish you could know the beauty I see in you Now you’re off somewhere distant, solo I see the world through what you paint Your face a singular vision When will you return, you know I hate to wait Those were such deep kisses There were such open scars We lived our dark secrets As we made In every gallery No image that I see Will ever compare To the beauty I see in you In every magazine Every word I read Will never compare To the beauty I see in you
MLCL 03:47
Yeah I play the part It’s a mask I wear I know the role I take in your affair It can feel so good Like it always should But our words belie that it’s going nowhere “Keep this discrete” “We’re just having fun” I won’t let myself feel anything And now you’re on the run I’ll be your Mid Life Crisis Lover Help you find solace from another Yeah I’ll blow your mind Then we’ll hurt in kind I’ll be your Mid Life Crisis Lover The thing you shouldn’t say Slips out anyway Then we’re spiraling to stop before we start Running through the night Looking for a fight To feel something besides what tears us apart “Don’t know what we had” “I’ll get used to sad” Cruel acts And now it’s really done I was your Mid Life Crisis Lover Helped you find solace from another Yeah I blew your mind Then we hurt in kind I was your Mid Life Crisis Lover I still think of you Do you still think about me? I still think of you Do you still think about me? I’m still in love with you Are you in love with me? I’m still in love with you Were you ever really in love at all?
My beautiful assassin Where in the world are you tonight? My beautiful assassin Does it matter who was wrong and who was right? My beautiful assassin Who’s the next target on your list? My beautiful assassin Don’t you know you kill me every time we kiss? Every life you take Every heart you break I will still love you Every life you take Every heart you break I will still love you My beautiful assassin With a face so pure and a heart so black My beautiful assassin There’s nothing I wouldn’t do just to have you back My beautiful assassin Tell me what your victim’s guilty of My beautiful assassin I should be in fear for my life But I’m so in love Make sure your blade is sharp enough Make sure your blade is sharp enough I know that you’ve had it very tough Nothing cuts deeper than your love
Outrage LLC 03:19
Pick the target Stoke the hate Make a profit Seal our fate
Spokane 03:40
I met a stone cold killer on the second floor She kept me coming back for more As a freight train rumbled straight through town I caught a glimpse of your underground She went Berzerk from the bitterwort He fell sixteen stories from the Davenport An icy river runs straight down It takes just one step to break your limbs and drown In the woods where the Old Ones hide The truth revealed, snuck a look inside Saw the future, the end of Man Through your dark and sinister plan Spokane There’s a riven building on the city edge Where sanity clings to the ledge And a frigid wind chilled me to the bone While distant voices tried to call me home You birthed a demon with a golden voice Her call to me left no choice There’s a Black Lodge nestled in the trees What emerges is insanity In the forest where the Old Ones wait And plot their rise, twisting fate I saw the future, the end of Man Through your dark and sinister plan Spokane In the end when the Old Ones rise A hundred mouths, a thousand eyes When we fight our futile last stand We’ll remember where it all began Spokane
Hell 03:27
Don’t want to live with regret And I own all my sins But somehow there is still a fire Burning deep within Once you showed me the light Then you tore it away I know you’d never return No matter what I say Your selfish Broken heart Laid the path From the very start They say Hell Is the absence of God I never knew what that meant Until I lost you And now Hell Is every day I go on The closest that I’ve come to Heaven Was being with you All the secrets we shared Our darkness felt just like love But I don’t think the thing we had Was blessed from up above An angel out in the light A demon hidden within This trail of damaged souls is what you Leave behind again and again Your lonely Nomadic Path forward’s A cruel trick And now every contact Is just a poison contract Sign away my soul For what I’ll never have to make me whole
Consolation 04:57
Waves are crashing ashore Washing away visions of what we both endured Sands are slipping away This tide rises up again Keeping us at bay Dreams of you haunt me when I sleep I’m not sure which memories I should burn and I should keep We thought we’d withstand any blow What did we know What did we know If it’s any consolation I think you’re better off without me it’s true I am broken and I’m busted All I touch turns to shit I am just a misfit Who could never fix it And I never wanted any of that for you It’s probably best to toss this shattered mess of sticks A whole lifetime of scars and pain that I can never fix Broken routines embedded so low What did we know What did we know I wish that I could save myself I wish that I could save myself I wish that I could save myself Because no one else should have to bear that burden


released May 26, 2023

Thanks to Don, Caitlyn, Joyce, Mya, Siolo, Nathan, Sobeski, RaeRae, Stephanie, Julie, Jesse, Tom, the other Tom, the other other Tom, Kasson, Maki, Kristian, Debbie, Mari, Brit, Heidi, Jarka, JQ, Manda, Tish, Yasha, Dan, Kristin, Steven, Nick, Christina, Gino, Marcus, Jana, Rachael, Jason, Shannon, Kendall, Adam, Sven, Graupner, Walter, Noel, and all our fans, family, and supporters.

Thanks mom for everything. You made all this possible. I miss you and love you.

Studio Equipment: Apple Mac Studio & Studio Display, Adam A5X monitors and Sub 8, Output Platform and Sidecar, dbx 676, dbx 231s, Lexicon MX300, MOTU 1248 and 16A, Nektar Panorama P6, Fred’s Lab Buzzy, Soulsby ATMegatron, Sequential OB6 and Pro-3, Warm Audio WA-2A, ART Pro VLA II, Line6 Catalyst and Helix Stomp, Gamechanger Audio Plasma Pedal; Motor Synth; and Light Pedal, Matthews Effects “The Astronomer”, Hologram Microcosm, Blue Baby Bottle SL, Shure 55SH, Fender Telecaster, Epiphone Les Paul Plustop Pro, Gretsch Streamliner, and Ibanez Talman.

Software: Reason Studios Reason 12, Adobe Audition, Output Thermal and Portal, Korg Polysix, Synapse Audio The Legend and GQ-7, Forgotten Clank Studios Autosub, Cakewalk RE-2A, FabFilter Pro-Q 3, Inphonik RX950, iZotope Ozone, Jiggery Pokery Titus BBD, Kuassa EVE-MP5, LoveOne Phonetic, Ochen K. Carve, Softube Saturation Knob, sonicbits.io Pump, Unfiltered Audio G8, XLN Audio RC-20 Retro Color, Rogue Amoeba Loopback 2.

Watch Clark is Paul Furio and Andrea Keller. All songs © Watch Clark 2023. Published by V-Twin Media.

All songs composed and recorded at Studio Corvidae in Seattle, Washington. Mastering by R.J. MacReady at Outpost 31. Art by Midjourney AI. Graphic design by Watch Clark.


all rights reserved



Watch Clark Seattle, Washington

Watch Clark is Paul Furio, Andrea Keller, and Mya Louise.

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