Backscatter Effect

by Watch Clark

Toxic Friend 04:18
All the stories that you told Watching the drama unfold Was it all for your amusement every day? All the secrets that we keep The women with whom we would sleep Did you like me fixed on every word you say My toxic friend I’ll let you poison me until the end My toxic friend I might break but I know you won’t bend All the paths you lead me down Watching as I slowly drowned Did you like seeing me in over my head? All the boundaries that we broke Whispered lies on which I’d choke Until everything that once was me is dead
I don’t know what to believe anymore Can’t even remember how things were before Cannot discern what’s fake and what’s true I don’t even know just how to get through to you Machines write the news, assembled from lies Shouting faces on TV drown out our cries Trite promises hold such an appeal Turning our minds off, we’re controlled by how we feel Why’s our city falling apart? Where are the people who have a heart? Why do we keep electing jerks? Propaganda works. Why do people fight online? Why do the rich get away with crime? Why do we keep electing jerks? Propaganda works. Every day it becomes more clear Our only emotions are hatred and fear A torrent of lies, a world of pretend Rushing ever faster on, I don’t see how this can end
Posed down upon your knees Fake smile, ready to please You take such pretty pictures You take such pretty pictures Mattress against your spine Tattoos are looking fine You take such pretty pictures You take such pretty pictures It’s never enough, it’s never enough Just cross your arms and hope to die It’s never enough, it’s never enough You know just when, you know just why It’s never enough, it’s never enough Just spread your legs and hope to die It’s never enough, it’s never enough There are some things money can’t buy Addicted to the rush Always loving too much You take such pretty pictures. You take such pretty pictures Alcohol and cocaine Fight your way through the pain You take such pretty pictures You take such pretty pictures
It’s like crack cocaine for people who love yelling It’s like heroin for the adrenal gland It’s like ecstasy for people who have hate filled hearts It’s ketamine for those who love to demand Anger is your drug You got a bad addiction to being disappointed You spend a lot of time complaining in cyberspace You love to tell everyone that things just aren’t fair Everyone better off than you, you wanna smash their face Hate Hate Hate Hate C’mon and feel it now Hate Hate Hate Hate Go on and disavow Hate Hate Hate Hate C’mon and instigate Hate Hate Hate Hate Just let it inundate you
Consider the Titanic A ship torn asunder by a passing iceberg All souls aboard in peril danger A catastrophe of epic proportions Who were the people aboard this doomed vessel? The Solvers, toiling in frustration A problem too enormous to be overcome With new complexities arising every minute further complicating each potential solution The Ignorant Whether passively or actively oblivious to the signs They carried on with their banal routines until it was too late Then panic overwhelmed them and ensured their demise The Dutiful Assisting others and following the rules Selflessly organizing and doing the needful Until they too perished, a privilege to have played together that night And lastly, there were the Survivors. Focused with razor acuity on gathering their valuables Silent in sharing their understanding of the direness of the situation Selfishly securing their own lifeboats to ensure their longevity Ultimately the Survivors wrote the history books And made the changes to prevent future disaster But only after their singleminded focus on their own continuity With encroaching fascism Climate change Economic Crisis Disease and warfare Consider the Titanic When the next iceberg hits Who will you become? Who will you become?


A fast follow to 2019’s full length album “Couch”, “Backscatter Effect” is a five track rush of songs about politics, love, friendship, and the ways all three often go horribly wrong.


released May 8, 2020

Watch Clark is Paul Furio

All songs © Watch Clark 2020 Published by V-Twin Media.

All lyrics, composition, and recording performed at Studio Corvus, Seattle, WA. Production and mixdown by Watch Clark. Mastering by LANDR. Graphic design and illustration by Watch Clark.

Tech Details: Backscatter Effect was composed using
an Apple iMac, Propellerheads Reason 11, Adobe Audition, MOTU 1248 and 16A audio interfaces, MOTU Microlite MIDI interface, Nektar Panorama P6 controller, DSI OB-6 analog synthesizer, Behringer Neutron semi-modular synthesizer, Moog Mother-32 semi-modular synthesizers (x2), Lexicon MX300 effects, Epiphone Les Paul Standard Pro Guitar, R0DE NT-1 microphone, Shure 55SH microphone, Alesis Samplepad Pro drum pads, Alesis RA-100 amplifier, Alesis Monitor One studio monitors, and Beyerdynamic DT770 Pro headphones.

Twitter: @WatchClarkBand
Facebook: @WatchClarkMusic
Instagram: watch.clark

Thanks to Erica, Ruth, David, Sparky, Sobeski, RaeRae, Tom, the other Tom, the other other Tom, Kasson, Kristian, Mari, and all our fans, family, and supporters. This is for you.


all rights reserved



Watch Clark Seattle, Washington

Watch Clark is Paul Furio, Andrea Keller, and Mya Louise.

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