by Watch Clark

Misery 04:21
Are you stuck in a rut Find yourself lacking creativity A bad case of writers block You’re not as clever as you think you used to be Well I’ve got a solution One that you’re gonna love It’s a time-tested and true method For really rising above You just need a dose of misery Throw away everything that might be true Yeah it worked for me Perhaps it could work for you You just need a dose of misery Throw away everything that might be true Yeah it worked for me And I bet it could work for you Have you tried a divorce Maybe start out with an affair or two Develop a drinking habit Argue viciously ‘til all your friends hate you Have meaningless “relationships” Fuck ‘em and just throw them away Then fill up the hollow emptiness inside With all the cunning things you say When you’re down in the darkness Visualizing suicide You’ll know the most brilliant creatives Do their best work comes when there’s nothing left to hide
You played the part So perfectly as you read from the script Every line delivered To keep your audience tight in your grip Moving out on the stage So deftly poised ‘til you found your mark Enraptured by your gaze You captured my heart then you tore it apart You totally owned the role Until I lost all control You left my life in a state of distress You’re a real Class Actress I have to wonder Was there ever somebody beneath that role Was this all just a game That you like to play so that you can feel whole I watched you work the room Always on point as you tracked the spotlight Absorbed in the method You made something wrong feel oh so very right And as the curtain fell I only wanted to bid you adieu But though she spoke with your voice I felt like I was watching someone strange and new Watch as the curtain falls You deserve the applause
Tanzfläche 03:53
Eins zwei drei vier! Ich kann kein deutsch Aber ich kann musik schreiben Hasslieder lassen dich tanzen Und du wirst zu liebesliedern weinen Google Übersetzen schreibt meine texte Und computer spielen den synthesizer Wenn sie die sprache nicht sprechen Would you really be any wiser? Fick den DJ! Fick die tanzfläche! Fick die menge mit ihrem gespräche! Dieses lied ist karriereselbstmord Aber ich mache das nicht für dich Lachen in meinem musikstudio Ich schreibe musik nur für mich Clevere leute werden das hassen Aber die unwissenden werden dazu tanzen Die hasser interessieren mich nicht Sie können gehen und verpissen
I have a fantasy Involving you and me Taking a hammer and smashing every skull that we can see My future is well known Red, white, and blue skin tone As I bleed out on porcelain inside my cozy little home The choices that I’ve made All have lead me here To a place that so far from everything I hold dear Deep inside my head There’s the darkest place I’d give anything to find some way I could erase I have this vivid dream Wherein I try to scream But instead I go on as if things are not at all as they seem I play these silly games Focused on the freeze frames Driving faster until I lose control, crash and burst into flames
I have made this journey Dozens of times before But every unfamiliar path I take Feels completely fresh and raw It’s so easy to get started And the finish comes on smooth But I never seem to remember The path to get into the groove How do I Cross the chasm? Show me how to Cross the chasm You might believe that I would have figured out Some kind of pathway to success But some well understood formula Never does seem to impress It’s like an icy shock upon the skin When at last the flow kicks in But then amnesia overcomes Every time I start again Every time’s a new adventure Each start’s a terrifying cliff Every time’s a blind experience Every next step could be a miss
I’m at the top of my game But everything feels the same I’m always adrift on a sea of ennui Moving in for the kill Looking for my next thrill ‘Cause I know the finest things in life aren’t free Fast cars, and faster women Help pass the blurred together days Old Scotch and expensive Cabernet Drift into a haze I’m sure that I have my reasons For another Four Seasons And I’m getting hit on by some other dude’s wife Sure it’s an ego boost And as I gently refuse Shouldn’t I be delighted that this is my life Addicted to the chase of happiness I can’t remember when I had it tough And now, now that I have everything I know it’s never gonna be enough! The act of wanting Is better than having The way we readjust Will always leave us grasping for more I didn’t grow up rich I was always just a little bitch Begging for anything not free Told that life’s not fair So I better be a millionaire If I wanted ascendency Now that I’m onboard with the program I reap the rewards it enables I know I’ve come a long long way From eating meals at cardboard tables Cereal for dinner Now I fight to be thinner ‘Cause dining out is my new pastime Put on some Ted Baker Like a gigantic faker And the Prada that I wear is a crime Those days fade into the distant past I can’t remember when I had it tough And now, now that I have everything I know it’s never gonna be enough!
Math Grenade 04:48
Dial in the solution Turn the crank to calculate Manipulate output results Transform data into hate Explode the situation Suffocate the obvious Integrate a new world view Redefine meaning of trust Like a math grenade (Numbers don’t lie) Poison the conversation Extrapolate a point of view Propaganda on display Subdividing what is true
Get to Win 03:18
Yeah he’s an asshole but you know he’s mine And all of your tears mean I’m doing fine Dead kids on the border they’re so far away As long as I got mine today Enemies are friends, friends are enemies I love how confusion brings you to your knees Chaos on the networks, fingers in the polls What price will we get when we sell our souls? I’d rather burn it to the ground Than ever concede one more round You know I’ll commit every sin If it means you don’t get to win So there’s a new report out today My favorite talking head tells me what to say Repeat the points and echo the lies Get a little harder from the look in your eyes You say we’re selling everything down the creek But we are the strong and you are the weak You want your guy back cause you say he’s bigger I’m so outraged we elected a loser! Don’t wanna cry in heaven I’d rather laugh in hell Gets hotter every day I guess it’s just as well This is all that excites me Shut up bitch, make me come When we’ve ruined everything There’s nowhere left, nowhere left to run
Like a distant star You shone so brightly Illuminate my life And caress me politely But our love burned out Disappeared into darkness Will I wander on forevermore Longing for your sweet kiss? What have I done? What moment did everything go wrong? When did I give in to weakness When you made me strong? Where have we gone? What turning point broke into my heart? Was I overcome with weakness That tore us apart? Now I wander forth Navigating blindly Reaching out to any warm living body That might treat me kindly I was such a fool I threw away all that made me live And I know now there’s no reason for You ever to forgive me
Choose 03:52
I’m standing at the precipice Looking over all of this A lifetime of missteps and mistakes I’ve thought of steeping out of it Throw in the towel, it’s time to quit But never had the fortitude that takes To sleep perchance to dream But that ending is not quite what it seems I could regret the way the past betrayed me Or embrace the future that saves me I chose to go on I’ve traced it all back to the source A congregation of remorse These mortal sins can never be repaid Though the lesson has been learned The damage can’t be overturned My conscience is forever decayed


released September 6, 2019

Watch Clark is Paul Furio

All songs © Watch Clark 2019

Published by VTwin Media.

Couch was written from September 2017 to July 2019

All lyrics and composition performed at Studio Corvus, Seattle, WA

Weakness features additional vocals by Lark Remy

Vocals were recorded at Moscozzi Studio, with Adam Burd as co-engineer

Production, Mixdown, and Mastering by Kasson Crooker

Graphic design and illustration for Couch by Paul Furio

Tech Details: Couch was composed using an Apple iMac, Propellerheads Reason 10, Adobe Audition, MOTU 1248 and 16A audio interfaces, MOTU Microlite MIDI interface, Nektar Panorama P6 controller, DSI OB-6 analog synthesizer, Behringer Neutron semi-modular synthesizer, Moog Mother-32 semi-modular synthesizers (x2), Lexicon MX300 effects, Epiphone Les Paul Standard Pro Guitar, R0DE NT-1 microphone, Shure 55SH microphone, Alesis Samplepad Pro drum pads, Alesis RA-100 amplifier, Alesis Monitor One studio monitors, and Beyerdynamic DT770 Pro headphones.

Twitter: @WatchClarkBand
Facebook: @WatchClarkMusic
Instagram: watch.clark


all rights reserved



Watch Clark Seattle, Washington

Watch Clark is Paul Furio and Andrea Keller.

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