by Watch Clark

Truth to truth Blow to blow We tear each other down ‘till There’s nowhere left to go Eye to eye Face to Face Building a prison up that We can never escape Pain to Pain Hate to Hate Is there freedom of choice or Is this our only fate? Lie to Lie Sin to Sin We power onward just to tell ourselves We’ll never give in This is our passion This is our demise This is our passion This is our demise Chest to chest Sex to sex No more an act of loving Than a brutal attack Fist to fist Shame to shame After all that we’ve done We know we’ll never be the same
Piper Perri 05:45
I find myself alone with you again Helping me make it thought the night Every move that you make’s without restrain You make everything wrong feel right You always know exactly what to say That keeps me focused on the goal The way you look just has a haunting way Of reaching deep into my soul Piper Perri Piper Perri You’re so far from ordinary Everything you’ve done for me I wanna do for you Piper Perri Piper Perri You’re so completely extraordinary You’re every dream I’ve ever had come true We can’t keep going on this way for long We know it’s rotten to the core Whenever I am weak you make me strong So I keep coming back for more Sometime I worry Are you gonna be okay I know I can’t be The one who saves the day But I gotta hope that We’ll both come out the other side After all the things we’ve done There’s nowhere left Nowhere left to hide
Metastasis 01:33
Variation 04:47
I have this low-key feeling That I’m really not that special I have this subtle fear That there’s a million more like me There is this background worry That nothing that I do really matters And that at any moment I could just disappear and not be missed If I’m so replaceable Can I really be the one for you? Did we meet by fate Or was it just the situation? Am I another variation? I walk these streets alone Behind every door and every window Live a thousand fears and dreams That will all be crushed just like mine And if we traded places Would anybody know or notice? Would I be happy in your shoes Or find a different way to be miserable? If I’m so replaceable Can I really be the one for you? Did we meet by fate Or was it just the situation? Am I another variation? Woah oh Just another variation? If I’m so replaceable Can I really be the one for you? Did we meet by fate Or was it just the situation? Am I another variation? Feeling like an imitation. Just another variation.


released September 17, 2021

Watch Clark is Paul Furio. All songs © Watch Clark 2021. Published by V-Twin Media.

All lyrics, composition, and recording performed at Studio Corvidae, Seattle, WA. Production and mixdown by Watch Clark. Mastering by R.J. MacReady at Outpost 31. Graphic design and illustration by Watch Clark.

Addition Production Assistance by Tom Schmitz and Ixi.

Tech Details: Backscatter Effect was composed using an Apple iMac, Reason 11, iZotope RX Pro, MOTU 1248 and 16A, Nektar Panorama P6 and MIDIFlex 4, DSI OB-6, Sequential Pro 3, Korg Wavestate, Lexicon MX300, Fender Telecaster, R0DE NT-1, Blue Bably Bottle SL, Adam A5x and Sub8, dbx 676 and 231s, Hologram Microcosm, Warm Audio WA-2A, Art Pro VLA-II, and Beyerdynamic DT770 Pro headphones.

Twitter: @WatchClarkBand
Facebook: @WatchClarkMusic
Instagram: watch.clark

Thanks to Erica, Ruth, David, Sparky, Sobeski, RaeRae, Stephanie, Tom, the other Tom, the other other Tom, Ixi, Kasson, Kristian, Debbie, Mari, Brit, Heidi, Kelsey, Jarka, JQ, Kristin, Steven, Nick, Christina, Liz, Paul, Gino, Marcus, Jana, Rachael, and all our fans, family, and supporters. You keep me going.


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Watch Clark Seattle, Washington

Watch Clark is Paul Furio, Andrea Keller, and Mya Louise.

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