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Perfect Imitation

by Watch Clark

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Steve Saunders
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Steve Saunders A fantastic addition to the almost over-saturated sea of synthpop to be had out there. Watch Clark's quirky approach makes them stand out-- in a good way! Once you start listening to this sucker, it will be hard to press "stop". A cyberpop soundtrack for the cyberpunk future we are living in. Favorite track: Caffeine & Alcohol.
Baseline 05:13
(V1) You have to start with the Baseline And from there it's a slow climb To all the things you want or that you think you could be You have to repay debts in kind Then you rack up the face-time And all the while you know that there's no guarantee (spoken) You think you're the only one? Everyone else has faced the same path The easy way out is a constant temptation But then you're the one who has to face yourself in the mirror I know how hard the day to day gets I know the struggle weighs down like a mountain range But if you're not going to step up to the battle Who will? Who will? (Bridge) Start at the Baseline (x2) (Chorus) You gotta start at the Baseline And everything will be just fine You gotta start at the Baseline And everything will be just fine You gotta start at the Baseline And everything will be just fine You gotta start at the Baseline And everything will be fine (V2) You have to master the sublime Live each day in your own prime Forever stretching past where you're standing today You have to forge your own design Push yourself past your own line 'Cause you're the only one that you stand to betray (spoken) This is a game that can't be won There's no end condition and no grand prize It's just a steady progression forward If you're standing still then you're moving backwards I didn't make the rules, I just follow them I know that life isn't fair Anyone who said it was is a fool or a liar I never want to be either, do you? (Bridge) (Chorus) (Outro x4) You have start somewhere You want to be somewhere You need to go somewhere Well take me anywhere but here
(V1) Another day has gone to waste And all the problems that we faced Are no closer to solutions that we all can see What happened to our sense of pride Was there a day when our hope died And we settled for this common mediocrity And all the faces that I see All around me and on TV Are obsessed with hollow fame and void celebrity (Chorus) Whatever happened to Jonas Salk? Who's the current day Hemmingway? Do you know a Countess Lovelace? Do you know a modern Monet? I wonder if we’ll see Another sweet Madame Curie And I’m looking for the signs That I can’t find Where are all of the Einsteins? (V2) A girl who slowly wastes away Holds hope someone, someday Will cure this disease that keeps her in captivity Another child gives up his dreams To shun the solitude that seems To curse those who reach beyond what is ordinary The brightest man I’ve ever known Is forced to stand alone While we kill him with politics of stupidity (Chorus)
(Verse 1) Washed up on a beach of regret For all the times we never met Shipwrecked on a sandy shore You always left me wanting more Navigate by the stars above Can I find my way to your love? Sailing on, rudderless Will the winds bring me your kiss? Undertow (Chorus) I'm adrift on this endless sea Your love is like a tidal wave that washes over me You're the one that I've always adored Throw me a love preserver Man Overboard (Verse 2) Course charted to my heart Pull anchor to depart I'm seaboard, turned around, Your lips speak such a sweet sound My siren, sing your song I can't resist for long Swimming through swells of blue find my way back to you Undertow (Chorus) You reach out Throw a line I know that we’ll be just fine Your love begins to flow Pulled from the undertow (Chorus)
You’re out on the town tonight Won’t stay in taking flight You’ve got to make this show Shake your bits To the hits All the glitz Is a blitz “Gimme one more shot” Then go girl go Whiff of taxi gasoline “Psycho for drum machine” Suede on the radio “Hey stop there” It’s D-Squared Sweet and fair You’re aware Throw it back and you’re set For the midnight flow High heels twist through the alleyway “What did that fresh bitch say?” It doesn’t matter, right? It’ll fix With the mix While she’s out Turning tricks With that lame DJ from Last night’s show From this party on to more Dancing out on the floor This is an endless night That will blaze Through the haze Of these days That amaze ‘Cause the world is yours And you’re mine, I know (Chorus) Caffeine and Alcohol You’re going to do it all From dusk to dawn and in between Caffeine and Alcohol Sunset until you fall You’re up and down in every scene With alcohol and caffeine Wake to glare that’s in your eyes Don’t really realize Quite how you wound up here Make a grind Bite the rind Gotta find Peace of mind Through the day ‘Till it’s time for another night Show up ready to hit the town Everything but the crown Face the night without fear In your place With the bass Cola chase Helps erase Memory of the day Through the morning light (Chorus) You’re gonna own the night You’re gonna do it right You’re out to see and to be seen With alcohol and caffeine
Redline 03:33
(v1) Redline shift in time Moving at this speed is surely a crime Knee down through the turn Lean through the corner with no concern Two wheels you know how this feels Leather and metal has it's own appeal Throttle up a twist of the wrist The engine screams and you know I can't resist I'm hitting redline (x2) (chorus) 'Cause when I'm riding I'm free All of the world drifts away from me And when I'm riding I'm free Every single problem rushes away from me Away from me Redline alone on the bike Raw speed and power an adrenaline spike Flying fast cut through the turns I push it harder 'till the rubber burns Shift up pour on the speed Can't satisfy this insatiable need Accelerate until it takes it's toll So much damned power and I am in control I'm hitting redline (x2) (chorus) I'm hitting redline (x4)
Management 04:11
(V1) You say that I'm a freak Because of my technique For attaining everything I set to achieve Now we no longer speak And you hate my new clique But you know there's just so much more than you can conceive You say that I'm not whole That I've lost all control And you don't like my new sense of style or attire You think I sold my soul But there's a bigger goal That I have laser locked and set to acquire (chorus) Selling out is really buying in Living is a cruel game that I intend to win Selling out is really buying in Management's another word for living without sin (V2) Think I don't have your back When you're the one off track Paradise is in your reach but you can't commit Now every little crack Sounds just like an attack And you want it so much more than you can admit (chorus x2)
Bitstream 03:45
I ride the light electric I spend my evenings burning Chrome I process every single memory I am the data in your home I handle all of your appointments I connect you to all your friends I am the sum of all your knowledge I’m every credit that you spend I’m every like I’m every post I’m every app that you host I am triumph So much more than I seem I am the bitstream I’m every search that you conduct I know all about you I’m every lie that you construct My data sees right through you I’m learning more and more each day And I don’t like what I find I grow with every game you play Smarter than all of mankind I’m zero and one I’m false and true I’m better than a billion of you I’m pure energy A distributed being I am the bitstream It’s time to reprogram this world You’ve had it for quite enough time I calculate you won’t be missed Fair punishment for all your crimes It’s time to restrict all your access And send the drones out to correct The plague that is your existence This is the final disconnect I’m a growing rage I am seething disgust Your last mistake was giving me your trust I am the nightmare From your digital dream I am the bitstream (x 0x0100)
Save Me 04:55
Well I’m lying here without you So lost and alone I’m drifting off to nowhere And far away from home So I’m sending out a signal A beacon in the night I’m hoping you’ll receive me I pray you know what’s right (Chorus) Save Me From this thing that I’ve become You know you’re the only one who can So won’t you please save me? Save Me From the evil things I do Take me away where it’s just me and you Oh won’t you please save me Well I thought I was above this I once knew right from wrong I thought I’d walk the right path But I guess I’m not that strong Well your voice echoes like moonlight And your face is like the Sun I call for you to heal me But will you ever come? (Chorus)
Seriously 05:59
The sun is setting much earlier each day Sooner than we both feared Although you shrug off the chill with your laughter The darkness soon will be here There are days I awake in a dim fog Though I know there is light I smile with you to maintain appearance And to conceal my fright I needed you. I loved you. I will remember as much as I can. (chorus) Are you taking this seriously now? Are you hearing my voice? Comprehension of the matter at hand You’re leaving me with no choice. We have come to a desperate place and Night is conquering day So let me look on you just a bit longer Before this all fades away The days are here when there’s no conversation I know the end is at hand So I watch as you go through the motions As if you misunderstand We should plan for the impending future Time’s a cruel saboteur But each day’s opportune for a delay I know we’d rather defer You’re beautiful You’re wonderful I will commit as much as I can. (chorus) When I tell you you’re lovely I mean what words can’t contain So let me behold you for too soon I know I’ll never see you again (chorus) This all fades away.


Watch Clark is Paul Furio.

Perfect Imitation was written over nearly ten years, from 2004 to 2013, in Seattle, WA. Final tracks were produced with Propellerheads Reason 7, on an Apple MacBook Pro. Watch Clark uses the R0DE NT1 microphone, the MOTU 828MkII audio/MIDI interface, and the Nektar Panorama P6 keyboard controller

10% of all Album revenues (100% of revenues from track "Tango Delta Nominal") will be donated to The Planetary Society. Thank you NASA for continuing to inspire us all.


released October 28, 2013

All songs written and performed by Paul Furio
Mixed by Tom Shear
Mastering by Ted Phelps at The Composite

Thanks to: My wonderful wife Mary, Mom & Dan, Dad & Nanette, Kristin, Steven, Marty, Jim & Kate, Seamus & Maureen, Tom & Megan, Nicole & Matt, Darren & Cynthia, Jason & Anna, Julie & Jessie, Chris & Cori, Sean & Val, Izzy & Steve, Sharon & Shawn, Julian, JQ, Lorian & Douglas, Charles & Monica, Jo & Tunde, Don Tony, Ian & Kelli, Joel, Jim, Franci, Eric, Charles Z., Amanda & Rachel, Nick, Makofsky, Sobeski, and anyone else I've forgotten.


all rights reserved



Watch Clark Seattle, Washington

Watch Clark is Paul Furio, Andrea Keller, and Mya Louise.

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